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Sales Commission Manager

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Most Customer Information System (CIS) applications have rudimentary support for sales commissions.  They tend to be in-house solutions based on technologies that are not scalable, they do not support complex methods of sales commission calculation, and they tend to have limited auditing and automation capabilities.

CTGi's Sales Commission Manager (SCM) provides a cost-effective, robust solution that addresses the deficiencies listed above while offering:

The core modules within SCM are:

The Configuration Manager allows the user to configure the commission rates, commission schedules and payment events. Commission payments can be based on service activation or on recurring service periods. Commision payments based on a flat rate, a percentage of usage or a billed amount are all supported.  If you choose the pre-pay commission option, the application provides the ability to true-up the amount paid against actual usage.

The Data Sweeper is the interface that pulls the required data from the CIS into SCM.  This function can be scheduled and is customizable based on the interface methods supported by the CIS (e.g. batch file load, WebService, COM, direct database query, etc.).  The programming logic contained within the sweeper is specific to each type of CIS that is used with the SCM application.  This interface therefore needs to be custom-coded based on the specific CIS or datasource in use.

The Calculation Engine is the processing module that calculates commission amounts.  It is also responsible for determining when a commission is vested and can be paid out.  The vesting period of a commission is a configurable value that can be varied.

The Payment Manager allows for the pay-out of vested commissions to a single rep or group of reps with the ability to enter cross references to your accounting system (e.g. check numbers).  Details of each payment and the basis for the commission calculations can be exported to formatted files (.txt, Excel, XML) for upload into you financial application.

Cogent Technology Group, Inc.
Cogent Technology Group, Inc.