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Extensible Variance Manager

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CTGi's Extensible Variance Manager (EVM) tool can generally be used to compare any two similar sets of dynamic, database-bound data and to report on the differences.

The core modules inside EVM are:

The Data Loader optionally takes control data that is sourced from files on the file system and populates the EVM database for the purpose of staging a comparison with the target data which already resides in its own database.  More often than not, the target database is a production database whose contents are being validated against the control data.  The control and target data can also exist in the same or in different schemas in the same physical database.

The Variance Checker performs the actual validation processing which compares the control data with target data and records the variances. This module can be configured to ignore variances that are of specified types.  In addition, the Variance Checker recognizes when open variances have been corrected and will mark worked variances as complete on a subsequent run against the same data.  The programming logic contained within the variance checker is specific to each type of database schema that is used with the EVM tool.  This interface therefore needs to be custom-coded based on the specific datasource in use.

The EVM Web Application provides the remote user with a view into the variances recorded by the EVM tool during a scheduled run.  The user can selectively review variances and drill down on them to look at the underlying data.  If the user considers any variances to be irrelevant or unimportant, they can be marked as ignorable so that they will not be raised again on subsequent runs of the Variance Checker.

The Variance Exporter allows for the packaging and export of variance information for use outside of the system.

The functional usefulness of EVM is demonstrated when custom modules that perform specific data or event identification within a dynamic system are implemented to inform the user on variances that are deemed to be of interest.  A notable example of this is the Energy Marketer Data Validation System (EMDRS) product implementation of the EVM tool for the Texas electricity market.

Specifically, Texas electricity marketers can, for validation or process improvement purposes, identify the variations between the data in their CIS/Billing system and the control data provided by the ERCOT regulatory agency.

EVM also helps these energy service providers to keep a handle on the service history and consumption data important to their business and to thereby manage the settlement process more efficiently and effectively.

Cogent Technology Group, Inc.
Cogent Technology Group, Inc.