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Energy Marketer Data Reconciliation System (EMDRS)
SCR727 Data Validation

The market for deregulated electricity in Texas is overseen by a regulatory body called the Electricity Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT).  Among other things, this body provides electricity marketers operating in the state with periodic historical data on the service history and electricity consumption of the accounts under their contracts. ERCOT uses this data to carry out its responsibility for the settlement of payments between electricity wholesalers and marketers (retailers).

Since the forecasting of future electricity needs is partly based on past consumption patterns, it is essential to their economic viability for marketers to maintain accurate service history and consumption records.  With the dynamic nature of the customer data and the large number of accounts to track, there is a need to periodically validate the contents of the marketer's billing or Customer Information System in order to try to preserve the integrity of the important customer billing information.

One way to achieve this objective is to combine the functions of our Extensible Variance manager (EVM) and our Data Flow Manager (DFM) tools.  This is the basis for our Energy Marketer Data Reconciliation System (EMDRS) solution.

Within EMDRS, the EVM tool is used to compare the service history and electricity consumption SCR727 data coming in daily from ERCOT with the billing system's version of the same data which is also changing daily based on incoming market transactions.  The facilitation of the download of ERCOT data and immediate validation of the target data is achieved by having our DFM tool manage the daily retrieval of the SCR727 data extracts from the ERCOT internet portal.  EVM can be scheduled to run to compare the two datasets immediately after DFM is scheduled to download the ERCOT control data.  The two applications have been designed to operate in a complementary way and the combination manages the entire data download and data comparison processing operation flawlessly.

When the marketer's back-office employees arrive, they employ EVM's user interface to view the results of the entire operation.  Any variances that have been created can be worked and, where needed, the billing data can be remediated.  In instances where the ERCOT data has been found to be in error, EVM can be used to generate a variance, in ERCOT's MarkeTrak format, to be sent to the agency for investigation and eventual correction.

EMDRS is found to be indispensible in preparing the marketer for any disputes with ERCOT or with their power distributor (QSE) with regard to differences in recorded service history periods or power consumption amounts for any of the marketer's accounts.  Marketers who utilize the EMDRS product for this purpose can be confident that they don't need to expend expensive programmer time to settle any such disputes in their favor.

Cogent Technology Group, Inc.
Cogent Technology Group, Inc.