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Data Flow Manager

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There are many inexpensive PC-based, file transfer utilities on the market with limited or no functionaliity beyond simply transferring files.  Conversely, there are several high-end, data-transfer packages available that are targeted towards electronic commerce, all of which are relatively expensive. CTGi's Data Flow Manager (DFM) product seeks to bridge the gap in both price and functional usefulness.

DFM allows the user to manage the transfer of externally-sourced data into the organization from one central point.  After the data is received, it can be distributed to various internal locations either as a file on the file-system or it can be parsed and loaded into multiple internal databases.  DFM is fully configurable to accept files in different formats including comma-delimited, XML and eventually EDI.

DFM offers process-logging to its database and quick or calendar views of recent transfer and data-load events that allow for timely monitoring.  The sweet spot where all your requirements are met can be found when DFM works in tandem with our Extensible Variance Manager (EVM) product to download and compare data from remote sources with data resident in your production system.

Cogent Technology Group, Inc.
Cogent Technology Group, Inc.