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Cogent Technology Group, Inc.
Cogent Technology Group, Inc.


Realizing a Return on your Investment

What is our promise to our customers?
Value Proposition - CTGi is committed to the creation and deployment of best-of-breed, web-enabled software applications and to making their implementation easier, more efficient and more cost-effective for our clients.

What does it take for us to keep our promise?
Formula For Success - We do this by utilizing industry-standard technology and a customer-centered approach to software development that result in long-standing relationships with clients, who rely on us to build and maintain their business-critical systems.

How do we measure our success?
Critical Success Factors - We know that we are performing at the highest level when we are committed to saving our clients' money, improving their operational efficiency and assuring customer satisfaction.

How do our clients know that we bring benefit to them?
Key Performance Indicators - Our clients know that we're excelling for them when, by the use of our software products, they realize a significant increase in value that is accompanied by reduced business risk and minimal interruption to their business processes.

Why should someone choose us?
Competitive Advantage - CTGi is staffed by a team that has been together for the last five years and in the information technology field for over 45 years combined. We assure our clients that our sound business practices coupled with our forward thinking will result in a reliable suite of products on which they can base their business.

Cogent Technology Group, Inc.
Cogent Technology Group, Inc.