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Cogent Technology Group, Inc.
Cogent Technology Group, Inc.


We develop software that solves business problems

"We rely on CTGi for their technical competence and their knowledge of our business. They have been instrumental in creating efficiencies in our organization that allow for better access to our management data and to reports on demand. We're always pleased with their availability and responsiveness."

- Amy MacDonald, VP Operations
Green Mountain Energy Company

Like every other technology consulting company, CTGi has a methodology. We follow software development best practices recommended by the industry as well as a few that we've developed ourselves. However, we recognize that while process and methodology are important, they should never be an impediment to delivering the right solution.

CTGi specializes in the development of Web applications using object-oriented languages, tools, and techniques. We utilize user-centric design principles, agile development methods, and traditional systems development techniques to build our software products. Our proven project management experience and technical expertise translate into cost-effective business solutions for our customers.

We keep abreast of the latest technologies, methodologies, and development practices to ensure technical excellence. We select the best products, tools, and techniques for the job, and we provide you with exactly what you need, in the given time frame and at the agreed-upon price.

At CTGi, we concentrate on building your applications from the inside out. Our team puts great care into evaluating your needs, selecting the right technology, and designing the infrastructure in order to ensure a smooth implementation.

Our forward-thinking philosophy ensures that we will deliver a quality product that meets your business needs today and provides a foundation that can easily be built upon to meet your needs for tomorrow.

Our proven project management skills and technology expertise are packaged with sensible scheduling and pricing guarantees that make CTGi unique in the industry.

Cogent Technology Group, Inc.
Cogent Technology Group, Inc.